Honest Burger 3


Honest Burger
Burger Ordered: Oktoberfest Special
Date: 29th September
Location: Meard St, Soho

+ The Good +
Juicy tasty patty
Typical high quality HB standard

– The Bad –
Sauerkraut is too vinegary
Lacking flavour

True to Honest Burgers typical high standards, the patty was pink and juicy with a nice texture, the brioche held it all together and the rosemary fries were great as always, however the sauerkraut just didn’t work for me.
It was very vinegary, and that overpowering taste killed all the other flavours, which was a real shame.
The sauerkraut seemed to have replaced another ingredient so it felt like there was something missing that would have made it an awesome burger.
It wasn’t terrible and had great qualities to it but I wouldn’t buy this special again.

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