Honest Burger 4


Honest Burger
Burger Ordered: Chimichurri 2.0 Burger Special
Date: 17th November
Location: Market Pl, Fitzrovia

+ The Good +
Chimichurri Sauce
Malbec Onions
Overall great quality

– The Bad –
Slightly messy

The Chimichurri 2.0 burger special is perfection.
The patty itself is cooked ‘medium-rare’ to order as I like it, with typical great texture and juiciness I’ve come to expect from Honest Burgers, the brioche is as good as ever, however it’s what they’ve done with the other flavors is what makes this burger really special.
The chimichurri relish on top of the patty is excellent. It’s tasty, has a nice kick to it and the chorizo in it ads a depth of flavor that works really well.
The patty sits ontop of onions cooked in malbec and they are just delicious, they compliment the flavors well without being too sharp.
The fries were especially good today, crunchy yet hot and not over seasoned which they have been in the past.
Extra credit for the amazing service and complimentary bacon sauce, bacon gravy and wings.
Cant wait to eat this burger again – it’s amazing.

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