Bukowski Grill


Bukowski Grill
Burger Ordered: Cheese & bacon Burger
Date: 27th October
Location: D’Arblay St, Soho

+The Good+
Great Flavour

– The Bad –
A bit greasy
Patty ‘medium’ rather than ‘medium-rare’ ordered

Once again it was an excellent burger, though it did fall short of the last one I had here in September.
The brioche was great, the sauces and condiments were good and the overall taste was very good.
However, I asked for ‘medium-rare’ and it was served slightly pink, so a bit too well done for me.
The fries were thick cut chips this time, which were okay, perhaps a little cold, though I much preferred the skinny fries served last time.
It was noticeably greasier this time and left a lot of wet juices running onto the plate.
Saying this, it was a very good burger and I enjoyed it a lot.

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