Random Wave Curve with a Sub Random Wave Curve


For even more randomness I made a simple Group based gizmo that generates a random curve that has another random curve based on that.

Controls are self explanitory, feel free to adjust the minimum and maximum values.

Simply link the Wavelength of subWave panels to what you want randomised (grade, opacity, noise, whatever!) and enjoy!

Gizmo here:RandomRandom.gizmo


Vray Normal Refraction Gizmo


This is a very simple to use gizmo that takes a Vray normal map and uses it to distort an image. There is a tutorial on how to use it on my Tutorials page here

Download and install the gizmo, and place the .png that comes with it into your nuke/plugins/icon folder for the super cool In Nuke icon. Very important

Refract to the Future Download






Shuffle RGB


Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 15.39.15

I wrote this script to allow the quick separation of Red Green & Blue channels from Matte passes. Download Here:

Just drop the script into your .Nuke folder and add the code below to your file.
This action will also create a keyboard shortcut ‘alt + r’, just delete this bit if you don’t want it.


3D Camera with Aim



Install this script to create a 3D Camera that has an Aim constraint at the click of a button. Download Here:

Drop the script into your .nuke folder and add the code below to your file.


Lil’ Python Scripts


Here is an ever expanding collection of small yet useful Python scripts for Nuke:

Label for the DeepWrite Node (callback – put in

Scale Transforms by 20%

Current frame on Frame Hold creation
Written by Frank Rueter from Nukepedia – add to

Auto Create Directory
Written by Julien Chandelle from Nukepedia – add to

Get Node Tile Colour

Convert Hex colours to Nuke script values
Sites like have a great online picker tool

PostageStamp tool 3
Same as the other one but detects anything named deNoise and changes the colour.

GPU and Render setting dual state
A is the number in GPU version of Nuke and B is for Render only Nuke.

Time Offset value in Label (okay, it’s TCL)

Disable ‘Bookmark’ in all Backdrop Nodes

Relative to Absolute file path converter

Postage stamp renamer

Set Label in Tracker to current Transform Type (add to

Delete everything except Read Nodes

Controls for enabling/disabling RSMB nodes in GUI and render

Random colour on selected nodes (okay maybe not super useful but you never know!)

Copy a ‘Read’ node path to clipboard from selection and convert it to work in Windows.
Total help from Pete Addington for this one!

Determine Node Class

Copy node label to other nodes(from first selected)

Reload all ‘Read’ nodes

Disable RotoPaint Nodes in GUI

Inherit tile colour from connected node

Set before and after to ‘Black’ on all selected read nodes

Print a list of the details of all selected Read nodes

Delete all disabled nodes

Instance expressions to other nodes based on selection(select linked expression node first)

Set frame range to selected ‘Write’ nodes from 1-170 frames:

Set blur size on all selected ‘Blur’ nodes to match first selected ‘Blur’ Node (and it’s node colour):

Copy colour from ‘Backdrop Node’ to other selected

Set ‘clip to’ to ‘bbox’ for selected ‘Roto’ nodes: