Ham Holy Burger


Ham Holy Burger
Location: John Lewis, Oxford Circus
Date: 11th August
Burger Ordered: Napoletano with Bacon

+ The good +
Thick patty
Nice fries

– The bad –
Patty too densely packed
Very chewy bun

Not sure what to expect from this Italian styleburger restaurant inside John Lewis Oxford Circus.
Presentation was nice, patty was cooked ‘medium’ but more like ‘medium well done’
The artisan bun was fresh and tasted fine, but due to the nature of that type of bread it was too hard to bite through which caused the burger contents to squirt out with the pressure.
The patty itself was very thick and densly packed so the texture and razor sharp edges reminded me of a frozen burger patty from Iceland, though tasted better.
The beef was very finely ground so the texture wasn’t particularly nice
It wasn’t a bad burger, it was seasoned well and was juicy, but really it wasn’t anything special.

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