Honest Burger 2


Honest Burger
Burger Ordered: The California
Date: 18th August
Location: Market Pl, Fitzrovia

+ The Good +
Juicy tasty patty
Great bun
Great flavour

– The Bad –
Unadventurous Perhaps

Honest burger have created a top quality burger that ticks all the boxes. Again.
Great tasting patty, all well seasoned on a good demi brioche bun and crunchy rosemary fries.
Bacon flavour was noticeable throughout.
It was such a good burger, however it wasn’t all that adventurous with the sauces as it was Frenches mustard and onions.
Acording to the waitress it’s a collaboration with California’s In’n’Out Burger though there’s no official note of this written down so who knows.
Very good contender for the top spot but not quite.

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