Burger Ordered: Ichibun
Date: 14th September
Location: Wardour St, Soho

+ The Good +
Nice pickles and sauces
Tasty flavour

– The Bad –
Overall a bit dry
Soggy fries

The restaurant itself is great, nice atmosphere and fun decor.
The first bite and I thought I was eating a posh McDonalds burger, it reminded me a lot of a Bic Mac, though it was much better.
The burger had some great flavours going on, I thought I’d hate the onion but it was so thinly sliced and matched with the sauces and pickles that it worked really well.
It looked cool as it was individually branded with a Japanese logo, however this made the texture feel dried out.
The patty was Wagyu beef and was pink in the middle but it was also a little dried out somehow
The fries were rammed into a paper cup, (again could have been from McDonalds) and were pretty soggy towards the bottom, so that wasn’t great.
It was quite expensive with service charge put on the bill but it was a good burger, though the fries left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

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