Mac n’ Wild


Mac n’ Wild
Location: Great Tichfield Street, Fitzrovia
Date: 21st July
Burger Ordered: Venimoo

+ The Good +
Nice flavour with the venison
Nice tasting sauce

-The Bad –
Overcooked Patty
Gritty Fries

I was expecting big things from this burger as it was touted as the second best burger in London from TimeOut.
The initial inspection of the cut burger was that it was overcooked, and sadly it was. A little dry and not pink enough for me.
The flavour was good, the distinctive venison patty was noticeable and tasty, and the sauce reminded me of the Big Mac special sauce, but because it was overdone it was never going to get much better.
The bun was okay, a sesame seed brioche, though it tasted more like a white bread roll.
Overall the burger was average, had worse but certainly not up the calibre it was claimed to be at, and the gritty fries didn’t help.
It was a TimOut offer so the price was good at £15 with a beer (Brewgooders, excellent beer with 100% profits going to charity – which I like)

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