Shake Shack


Shake Shack
Burger Ordered: Bacon Cheeseburger
Date: 10th October
Location: New York, New York, Las Vegas

+ The Good +
Nice overall taste

– The Bad –
Potato bread has an unpleasant texture
Fast food quality

The main problem with this Shake Shack burger is the bun. Potato bread has an awful squishy texture I can best describe as clay like. It doesn’t recover it’s shape when your fingers push into it, and it moulds into a stodgy substance that just doesn’t feel right.
The burger patty is as to be expected from a fast food restaurant, thin, cooked through and greasy enough to swallow easily.
The sauces and condiments are good so the overall flavour is nice, and the crinkly fires are good too.
It wasn’t a bad burger but it really is McDonalds quality fast food so I shouldn’t have expected too much

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