Burger Ordered: Bring Home the Bacon Burger
Date: 3rd November
Location: Kingly Court, Carnaby Street Soho

+ The Good +
Nice bun
Location is in a nice court

– The Bad –
Beef bacon is chewy and overly sweet
Average quality over cooked patty

This was a really disappointing burger.
I ordered ‘medium’ (as this was a rare as would be served) but it was ‘medium-well done’ at best. It also lacked flavour.
The beef bacon is just bad. It’s like beef jerky in texture and very sugary.
Couldn’t even taste the cheese that was supposed to be in there.
The fries were okay, chunky style but not seasoned at all. Once salt was added they were fine.
I actually took the ‘bacon’ out as its impossible to even bit through it without destroying the burger in the process.
Quite a high price and slaps you with service charge though there wasn’t much of that.

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